AE Outdoor-The Dawson Collection

It has been forever since my last post! But I have good reason, I promise.  You know that little thing called money that we use to buy things like food and electricity?…well, I have been working my tail off making some of this so-called-cash.  Many of you know my company, no, not my blog or design business, my outdoor furniture company AE Outdoor.  I own this company with my amazing business partner Eric and together we are taking over the outdoor furniture world!  Check out our website if you want some more info on us, but for now I was going to give you a little behind-the-scenes look at one of our 2014 collections that is out on right now.

AE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-Alt-ArrangeSee, Eric and I have a great working relationship.  He handles all of the financial analysis, sales rigamarole, import/export logistics, and the general crap-piles that come with owning a business.  And I get to design pretty things all day!  See, a perfect balance, even steven. (read more about our roles here)

Since Eric’s part of the job isn’t über exciting or very visually stimulating, lets stick with my portion.  Below is a quick look at my sketching process when I started laying out the design for the Dawson Sectional.

AE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-sketch process-Samantha PattilloI gave up drawing on paper a long time ago.  Now I draw on my Wacom.  I literally could not live without it.  I’ve talked about it before in other posts, but it’s so true.  So much so that now I have the Cintiq 22 HD for my office AND the Cintiq 13 HD for when I travel.  And no, they are not paying me to write about them, but god knows I would whore myself out for another one of these for my home – they cost a ton!

It’s just like drawing on paper, but it’s all digital using photoshop and the paintbrush tool.  Check out the final rendering below.  Free-hand bitches!

AE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-final renderingThese were quick iPhone shots I took while pulling ideas together for fabrics and wickers.  You can see there are always tweaks along the way, and I like where we ended up with the blue-er cushion color and lighter wicker in the final photos. You?

AE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-fabric swatchesThe sectional is huge and super comfy, great for a little afternoon nap-time in the sun.

AE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-Main-1AE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-BackAE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-Pillow-DetailAE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-WeavePull out the separate chair pieces and you can make a mini sectional with chairs for more ‘conversational’ seating.  Yes, brilliant, I know.AE Outdoor-Dawson Patio Collection-Main-AltHead on over to and get yours before we sell out!!

Joyce Glynn - I love you blue wicker patio furniture. I am in the process of having a round fire pit patio area in my backyard. Do you have a round-style type furniture – on the same idea as the blue wicker patio furniture on this website – that I can check out. Thanks.


Samantha Pattillo - Hi Joyce! Thanks for reaching out. Sadly, we don’t have any of that type of chair in the blue fabric, but we have great swivel round chairs in a red fabric. Feel free to see our whole line at Hopefully we have some other designs you will love! :)

Scott - Hello Samantha
I purchased this Dawson 7 piece patio set earlier this year and absolutely love it. I live outside of Cleveland so the winter weather is quickly approaching and due to the size of this furniture being a bit deeper and wider than most I’m having trouble finding covers to keep it in great shape. Can you recommend any or are there some available for this patio set? thanks

Samantha Pattillo - Hi Scott, thank you so much for purchasing the Dawson Set, it’s a good one ;) At present AE Outdoor does not sell covers for the furniture, but we are looking into it for the future. Right now, we suggest They have a large variety of sizes that should work for any and all furniture. Happy hunting!!

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