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Get Your Drink On: Bar Cart Round Up

Bring on the gold!  I can’t help but embrace this gorgeous new warm metallic trend happening right now.  Goldview full post

Decorating for Fall: Fall into Comfort

As a designer, I do everything in three’s.  Here is one more style board to get you in the decorating mood forview full post

Decorating for Fall: Tailored Autumn

There are so many ways to decorate for fall.  My last post showed how to pull together a sexier palette to create aview full post

Decorating for Fall: Modern Harvest

I am a self proclaimed anti-decorator when it comes to holidays.  To each their own, but I for one have moved past theview full post

Feeling Inspired: Vintage Credenza Restoration

So…I have been mulling over what to with my mid mod credenza I bought off craigslist last week.  After closerview full post

Flea Market Finds

My idea of the perfect saturday is waking up early, jumping in Brian’s truck, grabbing an iced venti whole milkview full post

If Jonathan Adler Weren’t Gay…

If Jonathan Adler weren’t gay…I would marry him!  Anyone who knows me knows that Adler is one of my allview full post

Tossed & Found Tuesday

Relaxing on my couch this weekend, digesting after stuffing my face with yummy all-american grillin’food, Iview full post

Teal Tuesday…What a Tease

OK, so I am super excited!!  Just had an awesome meeting with my branding team, Braizen, aka team amaze-balls.   Weview full post

God Bless Amurrrrr-ica!

Light your sparklers, raise the flag, and pull your weinies out…and put them on the grill. We are gearing up forview full post

“Stop whining and go play outside!”

Well, I don’t know about you, but my weekend is covered up with decorating projects.  I will be taking photosview full post

Inspiration for a Pool Party Makeover

Pulling together a new look for a multi-room outdoor space can be a challenge, but nothing is more challenging thanview full post