Coffee Talk with Trey Jones Studio


I am so excited to get to share this tour with you today!  When I first saw the shots of this space I was blown away and had to jump on the chance to feature the makeover on my blog.  So here we are!

First, I want to introduce a very good friend of mine, Trey Jones.  Trey is the (very handsome) man behind this beautiful cafe you are about to feast your eyes on. He’s also the talent behind Trey Jones Studio based in Seattle WA.   The studio, a full service design house, has worked with furniture and lighting manufacturers as well as commercial and residential clients over the past seven years, making quite a name for themselves in the home decor space. Trey founded his studio in 2007 after graduating with a BFA in Furniture Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design…and that’s where we met…


“It was a beautiful spring day in the historical streets of Savannah when I first laid eyes on Trey”… well, not really.  It was more like “it was a sticky, humid day at a woodshop in Savannah, when I looked up from my lathe to see a kid with a mohawk setting up a project in the paint booth I had just reserved for my last shot at finishing my final project for Cabinet Class”… love at first sight obviously.  :)

Maybe not love, but definitely fast friends.  Trey is married to Melissa, one of the most amazing women I know.  The best part of traveling to Seattle (I go for work quite often) is getting to see my favorite couple in the whole wide world.  All three of us majored in Furniture at SCAD, bonding over beer, bad hair, and beautiful design.


I can’t help myself because they are just such a gorgeous couple, check out the shots of them below.  Even in college they were a match from the beginning in his and her leather jackets.  Awesomeness.

Okay, enough about me secretly wanting to be Melissa’s sister-wife and let’s get to the design porn shall we?


Broadcast Coffee Roasters was expanding with a third coffee shop in Seattle. They hired Trey Jones Studio to help freshen their brand with a new and contemporary cafe. Trey used a combination of materials and textures to create a warm and bright space to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee on a cold grey Seattle day.

The coffee shop was completed earlier this year in May.  You can see the blank canvas they started with below.


Trey’s primary role for the cafe was designer, but being the SCAD grad that he is, he couldn’t keep his hands out of it and did some of the woodwork himself.


The main bar looks absolutely amazing.  I love the mix of materials used: white ash, brushed brass, Caesarstone, and black accents. Keeps it light and bright without being boring.


Trey Jones Studio also designed the brass geometric lights featured throughout the space.  (no kidding, full service!) Dia, the light’s name, was inspired by the unique, skewed shadows cast by light coming through a window. When you flip the switch, the glow of brass and light emerges at each convergence of planes.  Dia comes in brushed brass or a hand applied patina.  Grab one at


I love how the geometry of the Dia light compliments the Real Good Counterstools from BluDot.  All of the wood used in the space balances the harsh angles of the lights and barstools, giving the cafe a modern edge while still feeling warm and inviting. A difficult combination.


Notice the attention to all of the small details.


This is probably my favorite shot on the left.  All the light flooding into the space, I could sit at that window counter for hours blogging away all hopped-up on double espresso shots…


(The ball pendants are by Schoolhouse Electric)


From the mouth of a designer – “The pattern and texture of the wood wall was inspired by quilting. The intention was to create the appearance of softness with wood.”


Trey designed and built custom planters for the coffee shop as well.  The frames are solid ash surrounding a classic terra cotta pot.  The Frame Planters will be for sale in the future on the studio’s website.


And of course, like most wives, Melissa has influence over everything Trey does…including this project.  (but if I had a wife as hot as Melissa I would listen to whatever she told me to do too)  Melissa hooked it up with those fabulous Salt Chairs from DWR.  Did I mention that she works for Design Within Reach?…whole package people, she’s the whole package.


The lamp tables were custom made from ash and powder coated steel.  You can see the tabletops being built in Trey’s workshop below.


I hope you guys love this space as much as I do, and next time you are in Seattle please stop by for a coffee and tell them what a great job Trey did.  Show him some love and follow him on Instagram: TREYJONES_STUDIO and Pinterest.  Tell him I sent you!

Broadcast Coffee Roasters‘ Roosevelt Location: 6515 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA

{All professional photography by Jennifer Chong – check her out at}

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