Diamond Shag Rug – Love it or over it?


Photo – Style by Emily Henderson Blog

Every now and then, a trend or product comes along that everyone gets excited about and splashes it all over their pinterest boards.  Well, this product has not just splashed, it has cannon-balled into people’s homes and taken over almost every decor blog and shelter magazine I read!  The Diamond Patterned Shag Rug.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love the look of this chic little guy, but jesus, I’m on overload right now.

I get it, it makes a great neutral base to build just about any room design around, but can we not mix it up a bit?!  I literally chose the images in this post out of the 50+ I pulled and I know there are a lot more out there.  I love the look of all these rooms, but I do find it entertaining when you can plainly see a product take hold of an industry and quietly sneak its way into every major designer’s library of products for the past year.  What do you guys think?  Still love it, or are you over it?


Photo – Just Jacket Attic Blog


Photo – Jonathan Adler


Photo – Setting for Four Blog


Photo – HomeDSGN


Photo – Home Polish


Photo – Lay Baby Lay


Photo – A House in the Hill


Photo – Popsugar


Photo – HomeDSGN


Photo – Barrie Benson


Photo – Desire to Inspire Blog


Photo – Home Polish


Photo – Dar Amina Blog

Samantha-Pattillo-heelsandahammer-Get-the-Look1. West Elm | 8’x10′ | $899

2. Rugs USA | 8’x10′ | $1,518

3. Restoration Hardware | 8’x10′ | $3,995

Jillian - Personally, I love the way these look. I ordered one for our living room during Rugs USA’s Black Friday sale and got a 9×12 synthetic version for around $300. So glad I went this route instead of ordering the super expensive real wool version I was also considering. We’ve had it for a few months now, and our dogs have thrown up on it three times. Not fun. It’s also looking pretty gray in the areas we walk on most. I don’t think I would recommend one to anyone with kids or dogs. Maybe a bedroom would be a better application.

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