Flea Market Finds

My idea of the perfect saturday is waking up early, jumping in Brian’s truck, grabbing an iced venti whole milk chai tea latte, that’s right, I said whole milk! and heading off to flea market heaven.  Scott’s Antique Market comes around once a month to Atlanta.  It is a huge venue, two buildings that are tough to walk all in a day.  You can find anything from antique furniture, new and old jewelry, handmade and repurposed home decor items, garden and outdoor pieces, vintage and reproduction treasures, and more art than you could sift through.  Fun, fun!  Here are some of the things that caught my eye this time…

I totally need this to store all of my jewelry!!!  (I might need two to hold it all though ahahahaha)  This was a beautiful old storage unit for printing press letter plates.

Some really great industrial style finds as well, this look was all over the market.  Some very cool old items and some even better items that had been repurposed into something new, like the pulley-turned-light-fixture in the upper left corner.  Loved the old verticle filing cabinet as well, all metal with spring loaded holder inside each pull-out drawer.  Still trying to figure out why I need to buy it.

I have no use for them since I am allergic to my kitchen, but I did love the look of these copper and brass measuring cups.  Kinda makes me want to put on my marimekko apron (that I have never worn) and wipe flour on my cheeks and pretend I know how to bake….at least I would look cute as you choked down my burnt cookies…

Random.  I just thought these would be cute art for a kid’s room.  Nothing more.

You know me, I’m going to go all mid century modern on you guys.  The market didn’t have as much of this as times past, but here are a few things that caught my attention.  Loved the candle sticks!!  Not vintage, met the old man who turned them, I think he liked me ’cause I know my way around a gouge

This was a very interesting piece, danish modern I think.  Solid teak, in very good condition.  The roll top was very cool, it rolled in past 90 degrees, you don’t see that often.  I gather this was an old desk from the 50’s era to hold your telephone on the top shelf, a hole to run your chord through, and a small shelf below for your phone book.  That is my thought anyway.  I love finding things I have never seen before.  I really went back and forth on buying this, cool place to charge my iPad???

But this is what I did buy…awesome starburst sculpture mounted on a heavy marble base and a set of ‘push pop’ orange chairs!  Can you say “project?!”  Super excited to do some research on these, find out what year they are really from.  I am thinking 70’s possibly?  The frame is solid oak, good shape, with this fabulous cast metal bar at the back.  Trying to decide if I can/want to keep the mango orange vinyl or go for a whole new look when I am ready to refinish them.  Any thoughts?

All in all, great day.  Walked out inspired, $400 less in my pocket, and 3 new treasures to find a home for in my house.

Michelle Petit - LOVE all these finds, and the sculpture and chairs are to die for! I personally love that creamsicle orange (that’s what it looks like to me on my screen), yummy! But it you change out the cushions, maybe you can keep the vinyl for something else? That’s a really hot color, IMO.

Joan - LOVE, love everything you photoed here! You have fantastic taste. I love mid-century modern (I should, I grew up in that era!) but it doesn’t fit my home :-( One day though……..

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