Gather ‘Round: Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Happy Thanksgiving guys!!  So nice of you to take time away from stuffing your face full of delicious turkey-day food to stop by my little blog.  Since you’re here, take a gander at some beautiful tablescapes designed for this food filled holiday.


I just love the rough-sewn wooden table mixed with the metal chairs for this dining set.  Popped with purple napkins and a versatile magnolia garland as the centerpiece, this is a beautiful more modern take on Thanksgiving dining by Apartment 34.Samantha-Pattillo-hunted-interiorI can’t tell you how much I LOVE this colorful floral design by one of my favorite bloggers, Kristen from the Hunted Interior. And the paper feather, genius!Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-4The fact that this set up incorporates a bench in their seating arrangement is just so smart.  If you’re like me, you have tons of little ones running around at family events (none are mine thank god, lol) and having a long bench to cram more of those tiny butts around the dinner table is super handy.  When you’re all kids at heart, the main table IS the kid’s table!
Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-2Leaves are always a fantastic go-to accessory for any fall decorating sceme. (photos: left/right)Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-1‘Traditional’ style is not usually my taste, but I do love the neutral palette mixing with natural materials here, making these designs very timeless. (photos: left/right)Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-7Gold and brass finishes are so ‘in’ right now, mixing them in with silver and bronze candlesticks makes this very traditional style more updated.  The whole look feels so casual and inviting…just hope it doesn’t rain… ;)Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-3For a holiday that is centered around hunting, killing, and eating a giant bird, why wouldn’t you add some big game antlers in with your decor? No vegans allowed at these tablesSamantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-10I have to admit, when it comes to winter holidays, Pottery Barn always brings it to the table (pun intended haha) Screw Thanksgiving, I want to get married here!Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-5Everything in these photos is meant to be paired with a fantastic bottle of Pinot Noir.  Cheers! (photo: left/right)Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-8Love the idea of writing your Thanksgiving menu on a large chalkboard with wine pairing recommendations.  Fancy, but totally up my ally. (photo)Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-6Mixing antique glassware with patterned tablecloths reminds me of decorating our holiday table when I was a kid.  Mom cooked ALL of the food and I was always in charge of the table setting.  I even had a book on decorative napkin folding…yep…I was that kid… (photos: left/right)Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-12A great way to create more texture on your tabletop is to use a small area rug as a runner or tablecloth.  Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co did just that with her gorgeous outdoor fall table setting.  So talented that one. ;)Samantha-Pattillo-thanksgiving-11Not sure I would have picked purple as my accent color for a Thanksgiving table, but it does come together well here.  And white pumpkins?  Great for decorating all through the fall season. (photo)

Who are we kidding, all of these tablescapes are gorgeous, but they can’t compete with the most beautiful table decoration of all…THE TURKEY and all the sides we love that cover the table to share with our family and friends.  Happy Turkey Day loves, don’t forget to share what you are most thankful for today, and every other day of the year.

Vickie - Love the magnolia garland on the Thanks Giving table! Where did you get the magnolia garland is it fresh or silk?

Thank you!

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