Hurry-Be Romantic!!

Let’s hope this is not the first you’re hearing about Valentines Day shopping…it’s tomorrow!  Hopefully all of your shopping is done and this blog post can be bookmarked for your next gift idea.  If not, you are a horrible partner and you deserve to be alone this Valentines day!

Whew, maybe that was a bit harsh.  Now get out there and get shopping!!

Valentines-Day-BannerLet’s get down to some gift ideas for the always-hard-to-shop-for man.  In my experience, sentimentality only goes so far with guys.  Yes, they appreciate it, but ultimately, they just want something ‘cool’.  Annoying right?!  Well here are a few of my suggestions that cover the cool factor, but can be sealed with a kiss if done right.


1. Bose Limited Edition Headphones | $299  – I am a huge Bose fan!  With all the travel I do I use mine all the time, could not live without them.  Anything that silences the sound of crying babies is priceless in my book.  I love the brown details to this limited edition set and if your guy is into music and/or sound systems he will love these!  To add that romantic element in there, I would suggest he try them out right when he opens them and I would already have ‘our song’ cued up when he plugs them in.  Awe!  (and if he doesn’t realize it’s your song…well, he sucks and I can’t help you there)

2. The Art of Shaving Classic Shaving Set  | $475  –  Any man I have ever talked to who has gotten on The Art of Shaving bandwagon LOVES them.  Best shave ever and makes their skin feel amazing, especially those guys with really sensitive skin after shaving.  All you have to do is sexily suggest that using this will make you want to get ‘closer’ to him and he will be on board, promise. ;)  note- they do have much less expensive ‘starter’ kits if you want to start out slow

3. Leather Smartphone Gloves  | $90  –  What woman doesn’t love a beautiful set of leather gloves?  I just want to protect those rugged manly hands of my man, and how cool?!  These come with that ‘gadget’ the boys are always looking for.  The fingers have that smart touch technology so they can still send you sexy texts while keeping warm.  This pair is from J Crew.

4. Tickets  | $$$  –  I left this one wide open, it is very personal after all.  A go-to gift for me when I am out of ideas is always a pair of tickets to my man’s favorite team or band.  They can be for future events, not always on the day of the gift-giving.  Placed in a sweet meaningful card, these will be a huge hit! (the more exclusive, the better)

5. Compact Tool Set  | $40  –  I am the first to say not to buy me tool ‘sets’ because I buy the brands that I want for different types of tools.  Sets are for novices :)  But I do like the idea of having a nice compact, comprehensive set to keep in my car.  You have no idea how many times I have been at a friends house and needed to fix something on the fly and they had nothing!  Your man will save the day in style with this handy leather-clad kit.  Go for this, or a really great Leatherman.

6. Chromecast  | $35  – Oh yes, gadgets.  I don’t like these types of things for gifts, especially on romantic holidays, but this isn’t for me is it?  Nope, it’s for him.  And he likes this kind of stuff.  Google Chromecast is an HDMI plug that pops into your HDTV that allows you to watch all of your online content.  A lot like appleTV, but cheaper.  Romance this baby up?  Have your favorite romantic comedy cued up on your Netflix account when he plugs that baby in.

7. For-You-For-Me Gift  | $$$  These are MY favorite types of gifts.  ;) The gift you buy for yourself, that he gets to enjoy as well…lingerie is the best example of a for-you-for-me gift, unless he’s the one who likes to wear the lingerie…in which case you have bigger fish to fry than buying the perfect Valentines Day present.

Valentine-Gifts-for-Her-Samantha-Pattillo1. Derriere Vase  | $198  –  If you’re going to go the cliche flower route, at least put them in a gorgeous vase that she will want to keep after the flowers die.  Jonathan Adler makes some beautiful vases, some sexier than others ;)  If you give me flowers, at least show me you put time and thought into it with the personal vase, not just a grocery store stop on your way to pick me up for our date…

2. Couple’s Pillow Case  | $39  – Yes, us girls can be pretty easy…wait, not what I meant.  We are predictable in that we love sappy quotes and lyrics on things that make us feel like you wrote them just for us.  I know, silly, but always a crowd pleaser.  Go for the sweet card, a cool graphic hand-lettered print, or in this case a pillow cover meant for just us and our private moments.  She’ll love that the last thing you want to think about is how much you love her as you fall asleep.

3. Sweet Nothing Necklace  | $40  – Rule of thumb boys-just because it has a heart on it, doesn’t make it a good valentines gift choice.  My husband has learned this the hard way.  I know the thought is that you want to show how much you love the person and what better symbol than a heart to show that love, right?  Well sorry Jane Seymour, but you can go screw yourself!  If my man is getting me something with a heart on it, it better be in a different type of way.  I do love this necklace and the way it turns the irony of a heart on its head-too funny.  My guys would get bonus points for making me laugh and buying me something I would actually wear multiple days out of the year.

4. Personalized Photo Frame  | $40  –  A picture frame is always a go-to gift for guys to give to girls.  Take it the extra mile though-do a collage frame with multiple pictures of you guys as a couple.  It shows you put a little time and effort into the gift.  She’ll appreciate it, I promise.  (this one is from Crate & Barrel, but you can get options at places like Target and Walgreens.

5. Hand Drawn Mug  |$15  –  Like I said, give me a quote and I’m yours for the taking.  I love this handwritten mug with the simple but powerful words you’re my person.  “Yes, I would love to drink my coffee next to you every morning for the rest of my life…oh, you just thought it was a cute mug?  Sure, sure, me too.”

6. Heart Gloves  | $34  –  Yes, yes, I said no to heart stuff.  BUT…if you do get anything heart related, please give it to her the day before or the morning of valentines day.  At least she can wear it all day and not look like a crazed love hungry lady.  (side note-these gloves are super cute and I would totally wear them all season long)

7. Cozy Throw  | $67  –  For the girl who always complains about how cold she is.  Let her know you are thinking about her and care that she is nice and warm…not that you hope this blanket will keep her disgusting freezing feet off of you while you cuddle on the couch.  This one is from Pottery Barn, but you can pick up super cute one on the cheap at places like TJmaxx.

Happy Valentines Day!

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