I’m a creative genius!!

Screen-Shot-2013-11-21-at-3.39.45-PMHoly crap people!!  Today is seriously one of the best days ever!!  We officially closed on our new house (ahhh!) and I got word that I am being featured as a Creative Genius on DIY Network‘s amazing new blog Made + Remade.  Deep breaths…hehe-hooo  hehe-hooo…IMG_2605-rectangThe super talented and creative team over at Made + Remade interviewed me a few weeks ago, but I didn’t know the feature was going up so soon.  I will admit, as excited as I was about the news last night, it did tick my stress meter up a notch with everything on my plate with the house closing.  BUT, now that I have my new keys in hand, an Instagram feed full of positive feedback, and a bottle of champagne I am ready to sit back in my new furniture-less house and enjoy all the amazing things happening in my life right now.

Please drop by the Made + Remade blog and read the article written by the talented Hannah Slaughter.  I would love it if you would leave a comment at the end of the article telling them how much you love the site.  How can you not love a website devoted to DIY projects and all things upcycled?!  LOVE.Screen-Shot-2013-11-21-at-3.37.51-PM

Liz - I think it is funny that there is a Home Depot add there. Ha.

Diana Siegel - Your furniture your style is what I have been waiting for ! I think that for you to share what your creative ideas is awesome!!!! Thank you.

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