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I feel like lately I live on the internet.  I am on a constant search for new/different/fashionable/affordable/modern products for our new house.  I have a very long list of things I want updated, and very short purse strings.  So I want to make sure I spend money on the right items.

In preparation for my electrician coming (I have 2-story ceilings so we can’t do it ourselves, well we could but I don’t have a death wish) I have been pulling together all of the new lighting we want installed.  (May as well get our moneys worth and have him do it all at once!) I am really struggling to find a ceiling fan I can live with.  I personally hate ceiling fans.  Don’t get me wrong, I love anything that keeps my hot natured, alaskan born furnace of a body cool, but I just can’t get on board with the ‘look’ of a ceiling fan.  But as the wonderful, accommodating (and sexy) wife that I am, I am willing to put a few in for Brian’s sake since he can’t live without them.

I figured I can’t be the only one with this fan aversion I wanted to pull together my top 10 ‘cool’ fans that meet my modern aesthetic.  What do you guys think?  Any other suggestions?


1 Harbor Breeze $179 | 2 Fanaway Retractable Blade $349 | 3 Italo Ventania $1,800 | 4 Artemis $550 | 5 Canarm $156 | 6 allen + roth $229 | 7 Marea $549 | 8 Involution $388 | 9 Copper Fan $360 | 10 Haiku $995

liz - I have heard that 6 (eastview) doesn’t put out much air…So stay clear of that one!

20 Year Senior - I absolutely adore number 3. It has a very industrial/antique/re-purposed, perhaps even steampunk look to it – I would put it up in my house in a second. I don’t have a good sense of scale for it though, so I might be concerned about how much air it would move mounted that high.

I’m a big fan of the Hunter brand and installed four of the Walden model recently. They’re reasonably priced and super quiet – I never ever hear them. Even better, the “5 Minute Fan” branded models are a cinch to install, especially for a DIYer. We went with the brushed nickel finish with black fan blades, but they come in several finishes. The fan blades are reversible too, so we could have gone with cherry instead of black.


Also, if you’re not familiar with the Maestro line of dimmers/switches, Lutron makes a kick-ass product. The particular model I’ve linked below lets you dim the light kit and control the fan speed from a single gang box. I’m fairly certain they’re available in other finishes if your existing plates and switches aren’t white.


Hope that helps!

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