My Dining Room – Update 1

Time for another mid-process update on my new house.  We have not made a ton of progress with all that I have going on, but at least the space is livable now… ’cause lawd knows I could not live with those orange walls!

Dining Room Update-Banner-Samantha PattilloDining Room Update-BeforeAfter-Samantha PattilloWe are still missing some key items for the dining room to be finished, but I am loving this light and airy vibe that is going on in here.  My dining table is one of the favorite things that I own-it was my grandfather’s and it has wonderful memories tied to it.  He got it, and a few other items I have in my home, when they lived in Holland during one of his Naval assignments.

Dining Room Update-Gallery Wall 1-Samantha PattilloAfter placing the major pieces of furniture in the room I wanted to start a gallery wall with a large mirror over my new live-edge console table.  I wanted the mirror because directly across the room in the kitchen is a beautiful recycled glass light fixture hanging over our island.  The mirror reflects that light at night when we entertain.  So pretty!

Dining Room Update-Gallery Wall 2-Samantha PattilloDining Room Update-Gallery Wall 3-Samantha Pattillo

I started out with a pretty even balance on both sides of the mirror, but I will be adding to it as I get more of my art and photographs framed.  It’s a process people!!

Dining Room Update 2-Samantha PattilloThis is the matching buffet to the dining set.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!  I still have the original brass keys for each door and each pillbox hinge is still perfectly functioning.  The best part?  When I open the doors I can still smell the faint scotch scent from my gradfather’s decanter he kept in there.  Ahhh, memories rooted in alcohol…aren’t those the best?…when you can actually remember them.

Dining Room Update-Hershey-Samantha PattilloAnd of course I can never do any redecorating without a little furry help…Hershey loves the new rug.

Dining Room Update-Needs-Samantha PattilloI still need to order our new chandelier for over the table and I want to do a little DIY recovering on the dining chairs, I’m thinking dark teal to pop that color out of the rug?  But until Bailey, our cat, decides to not sharpen her claws on the fabric I will live with the outdated blue stripe. (animals suck sometimes)

Dining Room Update-Curtains-Samantha PattilloLastly, for a little more ‘decorative’ privacy, I will add curtains to the sliding glass door that goes out to our small deck overlooking our back patio.

What do you guys think, you like where it’s going?

Suzi - Love how the house, room by room, is coming together.

Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor - Your dining set is amazing. What a beautiful heirloom. I love all your ideas for the space as well. It’s going to be awesome once it’s done:)

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