My Master Bedroom – Update 1

Like every other working family that goes through a move, we are very slowly wading through our sea of boxes.  Our master bedroom is finally unpacked and decorated to a stage that is ‘sleep-able’.  Still no art hung and many more purchases to go until it is where I plan for it to be, but I wanted to show you where I am so far.  (No judgement people, a work in progress!)


Master Bedroom Update 1-Samantha PattilloDo you remember those heinous red walls?  I wanted to go calm and neutral with the bedroom: grey, grey, or maybe grey?  We went with grey. :)

Master Bedroom Update 2-Samantha Pattillo

Master Bedroom Update 3-Samantha Pattillo

You can see from the image above that we ripped the carpet out from the entire upstairs.  With all of our animals (we have 2 dogs and 2 cats) I cannot do carpet.  With our limited timeline moving into the house, we had pros come in and install those gorgeous hickory hardwoods.

Master Bedroom Update 4-Samantha PattilloThe light that floods into this room in the afternoon is perfect for napping.  Tucker and Phoebe agree.  Don’t you love my night stand lamps?!  Floor samples on crazy sale from West Elm.  LOVE.  

As you stare in judgmental horror at all those exposed wires/cords, I remind you that this is a mid-point update.  No staging here, just snapping pics to show you where we are today.  They will all be hidden once all other boxes in the house have been dealt with.  Judgey-wudgey was a bear…

Master Bedroom Update 5-Samantha PattilloBailey , or B Bear as we call her, loves to lounge on the bed in the sunlight ALL day long.  Lazy three legged kitty.  But so cute!

Master Bedroom Update 6-Samantha PattilloSo my favorite thing in this room is that wicker chair in the corner.  I inherited it (and some other fantastic pieces) from my grandfather.  Danish mid century modernism at its best.  Next steps: get larger TV and mount it on the wall over the credenza. Don’t you love the credenza and night stands?  Craigslist finds.

Master Bedroom Update 7-Samantha PattilloPhoebe loves the view.  Floor to ceiling windows make for a lot of light and a nice view 3 stories up.  Next step: new designer dog beds that go with the room’s color palette.

Master Bedroom Update 8-Samantha PattilloThis bed was a gift when we got married.  Yep, magic happening here….

Master Bedroom Update 9-Samantha PattilloThanks for checking in.  I’ll keep the updates coming as all the rooms get unpacked.  Electrician coming next week so that will help pull all the spaces together.

(see the inspiration board for the master here)

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