My furniture career started in retail, designing outdoor furniture for the masses. The majority of my designs in the market today are patio furniture, and that is mostly what you’ll see here. I am transitioning back into more indoor furniture and custom higher-end designs, so this section will be a constant work in progress. As I add new designs into the market I will feature them here. Hopefully you will find something you like and you can go out and buy it!

Interior design is a loose term here as many of the images are of outdoor spaces. I am slowing building up my portfolio as I take on more clients that not only want me to create custom furniture for them, but help them build rooms around those special pieces. I look at interiors like I do fashion: when I find that amazing pair of heels, I will build an entire outfit around them! That goes for rooms in your home too, find that piece of furniture that speaks to you and build your décor around it.

I find that the most rewarding part of being a furniture designer is having the ability to build whatever you can dream up. I love coming into my shop, getting my hands dirty, and going through the process of creating something, start to finish, from sketch to final piece. In the digital age we live in it is refreshing to have something you can physically touch and ‘show’ after a hard day’s work. All of the designs featured here are things I have built with my own two hands.

Most of my day is spent in front of my Wacom, the best digital tool ever invented! I would literally choose it over my right arm (and it would be my right because I could still draw with my left hand). As a furniture designer, the majority of my time is spent sketching, getting the design just right, all the proportions and materials laid out, going through a dozen revisions until I’m happy (oh, and the client too) Here is a glimpse at some of my recent sketching…