Quick and Easy Before/After-Outdoor Side Tables

If you have been following me on facebook and instagram this weekend you have seen that I have been living the farm life at my parent’s home in the Georgia country. I’ll admit I have missed the activity of the city, but as a mommy of two furry babies (4 actually, but the kitties couldn’t come) I have had a blast watching them chase deer, dig in my mom’s flower beds, and drink out of her many beautiful fountains around her gardens.  They have had a ball just roaming around, oh the simple pleasures of a dog’s life!

I have been pulling together my parent’s outdoor makeover, getting all ready for their annual family reunion they host on the 4th of July.  We are nearing completion, thank goodness!!  Like most people who like to spend time ouside, my mom has collected a lot of patio furniture treasures over the years, some of which is not worth keeping…but I did take a liking to this cute little wrought iron side table I found on her front porch.  She has had it for years, it is getting a little rusted and the paint, which I believe was hunter green at one time, is faded and flaking off.  I mentioned how cute I thought it was and she jumped at the chance to salvage one of her treasures.  And who’d have guessed it, there were two more!! hahahaha

Well, lets pick and color and get these bad boys freshened up!

What you’ll need:

1. 120 grit sandpaper, just to rough up the surface enough for the paint to adhere (if you have a piece with a rougher surface, I suggest starting with an 80 grit to smooth it all out, then run over that with the 120 before painting)

2. Outdoor friendly spray paint, color of your choice (I like to use Valspar Outdoor, it doesn’t require any primer or top coat, you only need to wait 5 minites between (light) coats, and it is rust resistant)

3. A cute little table in need of some TLC

Take your time sanding down all of the surfaces you are going to paint, this will help the paint adhere to the surfaces and a nice smooth finish will look and feel best in the end.

Remember that spay paint can be messy, the over-spray goes everywhere so make sure you pick a place that doens’t have anything around that you mind getting a dusting of paint on…including yourself.

I always preach light coats multiple times rather one or two heavy coats.  If you do heavy coats and don’t wait long enough in between coats you run the risk of having that permanently ‘sticky’ feeling on the peice.  I hate that!  So hold the can about 8″ away and just spray a light coat, overlapping each pass and releasing at the end of each. ~ The larger the piece you are painting, the longer you will have to be holding down those awful spray buttons.  Your fingers will hurt after a while, but I do recommend the new Valspar can that has a more ergonomic button for those of us with sensitive fingers ;)

Judging how many cans to buy can be a challenge.  For your reference I used almost two whole cans for these three tables to be completely coated.

And vwaaah-laaah!..

I am so happy with the color.  I picked Glossy Peacock Blue to pop the teal in our toss pillows from Pottery Barn.  You like?

Stay tuned for the complete makeover coming up in a week….

Sue Castner - Love the accent pillows. Can’t wait to see the big reveal.

Kelley - My roommates have these exact tables that very seriously need this!! Looks great!

Joan - This is the second blog I’ve looked at of yours. I love that you recycle older pieces! I found a pair of (hold your breath!)plastic octagon shaped end tables at a thrift store that I refinished. I thought they were wood originally because they were finished in a wood finished and had the texture of wood. When I touched them and realized they were plastic I was estatic as I realized I could use them at our campsite! I got them for $2.00 each (another bonus!), bought two cans of spray paint, a stencil for the top to match the material I used on cushions and they turned out great!! I think the whole thing cost me about $20.00 and I now have the cutest set of end tables ever. Thanks for inspiring me even more to continue using older furniture as design in my home!

Samantha Pattillo - Joan, I would love to see those! Send me a pic sometime :)

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