Shhhhh….Surprise Mini Makeover!

Could there really be a better way to spend a sunday?!.. loading up the cars with patio furniture, outdoor cushions, rugs, and accessories, on our way to surprise one of the best new mommies I know!  After giving birth almost three months ago to a beautiful baby girl, our amazing friends Chris and Rebekah needed a little R&R.  I wanted to give them a space to do that in.  Rebekah recently allowed Chris (yep, that’s right, I said allowed haha) to buy a fancy pants grill.  And I say, she’s the one who needs a gift, she pushed that sucker out for god’s sake!  So I enlisted Chris to help me sneak in and give her a nice little spot to chill out with baby Chloe while he grills.  Check out the before


Good thing I got here first, that key was a little too easy to find!…

And the unpacking begins…oh yeah, and those cute little string lights?  Those were for the umbrella, but Brian managed to break the glass bulbs seconds after they came out of the box.  Clumsy, clumsy, but I love him. :)


This face says, “stop taking pictures and help me! They will be here in 20 minutes!”

My budget for this project was $300.  Goal: low cost, big style!  The chairs were donated by two awesome friends (me and Brian).  I actually designed these chairs for Lowe’s about 6 years ago.  These are the prototypes, the design never made it into stores. I know, I know, they are amazing, why they didn’t make the cut is beyond me.  They were a little dirty after so many years outside and needed new cushions, but overall, still in great shape.  Just needed a new home and some fresh accessories.


A few books ‘borrowed’ from C & R’s living room for staging…

Cushions and pillows are from Target and Pottery Barn.


I love the finish on these chairs!  The frames are actually aluminum with a faux woodgrain finish painted on them by hand.  The finish still looks great after all these years!

Awww, and here’s the lucky family.  I got an amazing shot of Rebekah walking outside with the best look on her face…but a true look of surprise is never the most flattering.  I gotta watch out for my girl, I would never post an unflattering pic of a female friend.  Now boys, they are fair game!  Since I can’t show that image, here are a few from the family after they saw it.


An hour and a half well spent.  C & R loved it!  Now the whole family can enjoy Chris’ grilling.  Get that mommy a cocktail!

Sue Castner - Looks great! I know Rebekah and Chris love it. What a GREAT surprise!

Suzi Pattillo - Looks fabulous.& would look great on my deck but such a nice gift for good friends.

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