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Happy Friday Lovers!  I hope your week was as great as mine and your weekend plans are even better.  I had a fun post to pull together this week, all about my furry children!  I was asked to take part in an awesome series: Living Pretty with Your Pets.  The series is one of my favorites to check in on and it’s part of a great design and DIY blog Cuckoo 4 Design.  Julia is so wonderful and talented and I am so honored to be part of this fantastic group of bloggers who love design and animals as much as me.  Please pop over to her blog and check out the other bloggers in this series as well as all of Julia’s beautiful projects.

In the meantime, there were just too many great pictures of my babies not to share on my blog too, so here is a modified version of the post for Julia’s blog.

For those of you who follow my blog regularly you know about my life as a furniture designer and have probably seen posts with my labradoodle Tucker.  Well, my life includes A LOT more fur than just Tucker. Let me tell you the story of my crazy little menagerie and how they insert themselves into my designer life.

I guess the easiest introduction is to start with who came first: Hershey.


With everything this cat put me through in the first few years of having her, I’m surprised I took on any more…much less four! I adopted Hershey from the humane society in Savannah GA when I was a junior in college against my parent’s better judgment. LOL She was a kitten and SO ADORABLE! Admittedly I am more of a dog lover than cat, but she became my doggie-fill-in: playing fetch and greeting me at the door with meows and cuddles every time I come home.


As you can see she gets into everything and was a total terror with anything breakable when she was young. She loved pushing picture frames and vases off of shelves and watching them break. I did not find it as amusing as she did.


Luckily that tapered off as she got older, but she is still into everything. She helps with decorating and even comes to work with me on occasion. She rides loose in the car with her harness and leash and mainly lies on my desk next to me while I work.


About a year after I brought Hershey home, Bailey came into my life.



Yes, I promise this is a different cat. They look so much alike (one of the reasons I kept her) We found B, her nickname, in a grocery store parking lot in Savannah. Her back leg had been severed and she was pitiful and adorable. With some guidance from the vet my friends and I took her home and nursed her back to health. We bonded instantly and seeing how much she looked like Hershey, I obviously fell in love with her cross-eyed little face.



She’s missing her back leg but she gets around just fine. She’s very tiny, about 7lbs. We assumed she was a kitten when we found her but she never grew so we joke that she is probably around 150 years old, moving from family to family over the decades.


She’s very timid with strangers but loves the people she knows. She’s a major cuddler, whether you want to cuddle or not. She’s very stealthy, especially for a 3-legged animal; she will climb into your lap without you even realizing it!


Even with all that I have done for her, Bailey still dropped me like a clingy ex-girlfriend when Brian (my now husband) moved in. She adores him and acts like I don’t exist. I’m pretty pissed about it. Brian and I lived together for about a year with just us and the kitties, and we felt pretty content with that.


Then I met Tucker. (my pride and joy…sshhhh don’t tell the others!)



Everyone thought I was crazy when they saw him. Stereotypically, he was not the cutest puppy. But I saw through that and we had an instant bond and I knew he would grow up to be the handsome boy he is today.



Tucker, or TT as we call him, is a labradoodle who is now 8 years old. We adopted Tucker before the whole ‘labradoodle craze’ and I didn’t really know what one was at the time, I just knew I loved that little face.



He never leaves my side and he is definitely a mamma’s boy. He doesn’t mind posing for all my photos as long as he gets lovin’ while we do it.



He goes to my workshop with me and likes to lie in the sawdust while I work. As long as he’s near me he’s happy. You can check out the section on my blog where Tucker posts about my projects from his perspective. (I know, I just took it too far)




Tucker is definitely our baby and is a handful all in himself, but being the gluttons for punishment that we are, Brian and I decided to add one more to the mix after about 3 years.

Meet Phoebe.



Phoebe was two and a half when we met her. We adopted her from the Great Dane Rescue in NC. And no, she’s not a dane. She’s a German or Australian shepherd mixed with a golden retriever, now 6 years old.


She took to us right away and loved the introduction of furniture into her life. This was her the first night we brought her home.



She’s eerily calm and so good with our cats. She and Bailey, B and Phe as we call them, love to cuddle. I think they know each other had a rough life before coming home with us. Now they enjoy the finer things LOL



It took a while, but Tucker and Phoebe bonded. Tucker still likes to think he is an only child, but he loves her.


They both come to work with me (at the office and my workshop) and were even asked to be on my feature for HGTV.



You can see my furry babies run my life, but they make it fun and keep me on my toes! All of my design decisions are based around them and what they may or may not destroy. I put products to the test for sure and share that here on the blog from time to time.


Again, thank you Julia for asking me to be a part of this awesome series, I’m honored!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design - Such a great story and loved having it on my blog. Have a great weekend.

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