Tossed & Found Tuesday

Relaxing on my couch this weekend, digesting after stuffing my face with yummy all-american grillin’food, I purused my local craigslist.  Found some awesome items, then again, I always find awesome items…it’s figuring how to validate the expense of those items.  I have to prove my purchases to Brian (my hubby) so he doesn’t submit my name to A&E’s Hoarders…I swear, I NEED ALL OF IT!!!

I came across these two beauties.  I have been looking for a little project to restore two chairs into some captains chairs to coordinate with my danish modern dining set.  I plan to recover my current chairs to match whatever captains chairs I find.  I like the idea of the chairs not matching the dining set perfectly.

Here is my current dining room, a rental house of course, given that hideous light fixture!!  I might just be done with it and replace it with a vintage George Nelson during our stay, but that’s another project for another blog post. ;)

The best part of going to this craigslist stranger’s house was finding this treasure behind those chairs!  A classic mid century modern credenza.  The turned tapered legs were in one of the drawers, easily screwed back in.  The main body is in relatively good shape, still need to evaluate to see if the veneer can be refinished or if a more…creative…solution is needed.  

All in all, a very successful hunt.  Ventured out for two chairs at the bargain price of $5 a piece and left with a new credenza project for $45.  Thats what I call a good holiday!

Mid-Century Modern Credenza Upcycle » Samantha Pattillo - […] the credenza looked with I first found it?  It was on that random craigslist run I posted about here.  For 45 bucks I couldn’t pass him […]

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