Tucker Talks: Credenza Update


If you haven’t noticed, mom has been MIA for the past few weeks.  That’s because she abandoned me and traveled overseas to work on her new outdoor furniture line coming out in April.  She just got back last night, but is too jet lagged to post.  I decided to update you myself.  Here’s what we were working on before she left…SamanthaPattillo_AngularCredenzaUpcycle_TuckerUpdate5

The mid mod credenza restoration is in full swing.  We stripped the old finish, sanded that puppy down (I inhaled too much saw dust and sneezed it all out on mom’s jeans), and got to work painting our cool angular pattern. (remember our inspiration post from before?)SamanthaPattillo_AngularCredenzaUpcycle_TuckerUpdate9

The painting process is slow since we have to wait for each coat to fully dry before taping off our next section.SamanthaPattillo_AngularCredenzaUpcycle_TuckerUpdate6

One of the legs is painted teal, the others stay natural wood.  Cool!SamanthaPattillo_AngularCredenzaUpcycle_TuckerUpdate8

I always help check if the paint is dry.  If it leaves a spot on my nose that means it’s not…SamanthaPattillo_AngularCredenzaUpcycle_TuckerUpdate4

Now THAT is a bad ass tape line!SamanthaPattillo_AngularCredenzaUpcycle_TuckerUpdate1

Still a ways to go, but I think the final piece is going to be awesome!  (did I mention that I think everything my mom does is awesome?  She’s awesome.)SamanthaPattillo_AngularCredenzaUpcycle_TuckerUpdate2

Suzi - Love it and Tucker has some great comments. He is so handsome and smart, nice combination in a male!

Kylen - Tucker has my girls panting BIG TIME! Booboo and Pumpkin would love to send him some kisses. But how? Anyway, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this credenza! I have done woodworking myself, including turning pens on a lathe, and now I am re-inspired to re-make my parents 80+ yr old bedroom set that I inherited. If I sent you a picture, could you possibly give me some advice,please? I’m 63 and have ALL the tools that could fit in the workshop. But I don’t have a good idea.
Much appreciation in advance. Thanks!
Kylen Nolan

Samantha Pattillo - Kylen,

I would LOVE to help give you some inspiration for your restoration! I am all about saving those cherished pieces passed down from each generation. Making it relevant for your style is the harder part. Head on over to my contact page and send me some images of your bedroom set and tell me about your style and let’s see what we can come up with! Oh, and Tucker sends his love right back to Booboo and Pumpkin. ;)

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