You’re 30 now, time for a new look.

There comes a time in your life when you hit that good ‘ole age when you need to start looking and acting like an adult…I get to preach this since I haven’t reached that age yet, 30.  ahahahahah, sucks for you!!!!  (wait, I turn 30 on my next birthday….)

I decided to surprise one of my best friends with a mini outdoor makeover fit for an adult for her 30th birthday.  She rents this cute little townhouse that she shares with two sexy mens (yep, I might be a little jealous…) but their back patio was just sad.  As someone who has designed outdoor furniture for the past 6 years of my life I cannot allow a friend of mine to have a space like this!

It wan’t a huge change, but a little can go a long way.  First, check out beautiful Rachel, below.  We met in college at SCAD and instantly bonded over a project in our industrial design major, designing a kayak for Hobie.  A kick ass kayak if I do say so myself!  It has been great since moving to Atlanta, I get to hang out with her all the time.  (which can be exhausting as you can tell from the very active pictures below…)  I have her to thank for my callused hands, jagged fingernails, and sexy back muscles though, that’s what rock climbing does to you. :) 

Rachel is such an amazing person, I wanted to give her something special for her big day.  She had been complaining about her blah back patio since she moved into the townhome, so I knew this was just the thing!  I enlisted to help of her beau Stephan to sneak us into the house while she was at work.  (getting the clean cream cushions away from Hershey was the biggest challenge…)

To keep the price tag in check (this was on my dime after all!!) I re-gifted one of my balcony height bistro sets that I have not been using much these days.  Still in great shape, another one of my past designs from Lowe’s that never made it to market.

A new umbrella and some toss pillows from Target, an umbrella base and string lights from Lowe’s, and seat pads from Pottery Barn give this bistro set a quick and easy update for its new home.  (minus the donated bistro set, the look came together just over $200!  Thank goodness for end of season sales, love it!)A little mood lighting… (those are my napkins, you can’t have those!!)

SURPRISE!!! Rachel loved it (or so she said) and we managed to do it all in just under an hour without her finding out. hehe

Tip ~ I love adding lighting to an outdoor space.  Hang up some quick string lights or just cluster some lanterns with lighted candles and you instantly make a boring outdoor space look alive and pulled together.  A great way to ‘fake it’ if you are short on time and/or budget.

I have to admit, my amazing patio set may have been upstaged by the romantic meal for two I asked Stephan to prepare for them to eat after we left.  I will always exploit a professional chef to my advantage, he may have cooked, but it was my idea!!!!

Now, we will leave you two lovebirds to it.  Happy Birthday Rachel! It’s all downhill from here…

Rachel - As the fortunate recipient of this project, I could not have been more surprised or elated by the effect it had on my outdoor space. Throughout our friendship Samantha has always given me guidance, whether it be for design critique (in school), fashion and now my new beautiful patio area. This gift will be cherished for years to come. Thank you Sam!

Braizen - Test comment 12345

Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor - What a great friend you are! Such a sweet surprise.

Joan - Seriously – Lowe’s needs to get a life and start selling your outdoor furniture!! It’s beautiful!!

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